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Home Inspection Program - Frequently Asked Questions


Are the instructors working in the field?

All of our instructors are practicing home inspectors, engineers or supporting professions so that you receive the best possible learning experience. 

Which format of learning should I take?

Each of the delivery formats have their own unique advantages. Those who want to establish themselves quickly in their new profession, in a formal learning environment and want to interact and learn with peers, would prefer the 5 week Comprehensive Classroom Course.  If you prefer to learn in the classroom setting, gaining the same valuable insights as available in the Comprehensive course, but would like to extend the training over a year, the Individual Subject Classroom Course may be for you.  If you prefer working in the comfort of your own home on your own schedule, then Correspondence or On-line may be more suitable. 

What does the video/CD-ROM consist of and how long is each video/CD-ROM?

The nine videos or CD-ROMs contain hundreds of computer-enhanced real-world inspection scenes, narrated by professional home inspectors. There are over 17 hours of video in total (approximately 2 hours each). You can chose CD-ROMs or videos depending on what medium is most convenient for you. The CD-ROM requires Shockwave supported browsers Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater OR Netscape 4.0 or greater.

How are we evaluated?

Students are evaluated through tests that measure the learning in several areas, using different tools. A typical test might be broken down as follows:

By content type
  5% Standards of Practice knowledge
  5% Theoretical knowledge
  30% System and component knowledge
  60% Inspection knowledge
By question type
  30% Multiple choice
  30% Case Study
  30% Short answer
  10% Illustrations

Do I have to enroll in the entire program, or can I register in subjects individually?

If it's the certificate you want, in order to meet the standards of practice of a professional in this industry, you'll need to complete the entire program within 1 year. 

Many students opt for the  5-Week Comprehensive Classroom Course completed in 5 weeks to jump start their career.  Other students choose the Individual Subject Classroom Course, the Learn-at-Home Correspondence or the On-line Course thereby extending the training for up to 1 year by registering and paying for each subject separately.