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Home Inspection Program

The Advanced Inspection Training Program is a ten-subject certificate that utilizes the most comprehensive training materials in the industry. But comprehensive doesn't mean difficult; in fact the program format is simple, and designed to make learning enjoyable and satisfying.

The training materials include easy-to-understand text in plain English and hundreds of excellent illustrations and graphics that make concepts spring to life. There are also visual presentations on video and CD-ROM available. 

4-WEEK COMPREHENSIVE CLASSROOM COURSE:         $4,975.00 (including texts)

INDIVIDUAL SUBJECT CLASSROOM COURSE               $550.00 ea (incl texts)    

Field Training:                                                             $600.00 (5 Field Inspections)

Correspondence COURSE (10 Modules):                        $450.00 ea (incl texts)


Each delivery method has its own advantages!  SAMPLE CONTENT

Plummbing Structure Structure Heating I Heating I Heatinng II Insulation and Interior Insulation and Interior Communication and Professional Practice Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Electrical Exterior Exterior Roofing

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