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Each of the ten classroom subjects are supported by a comprehensive text plus a course total of 200 hours including classroom lectures, home study assignments and Field Training. Classroom students have the advantage of a set schedule of classes and the benefits of learning with a group of persons with the same goal. The mix of students in each class may vary, resulting in exposure to a variety of backgrounds and points of view. Informally, the instructor brings to the classroom anecdotes from personal experiences in the industry. The training materials used in the classroom are the same as for the other modes of delivery: they are extensive, well crafted, and include practical checklists and forms that you may use when you begin working. To view a sample classroom lesson plan, please click here.  


Whether you choose the 4-Week Comprehensive Classroom course or the Individual Subject Course you will receive the best in home inspection training available today.


Learn from established practitioners Interact with your peers
Ask questions as you go Instructors are coaches
The great texts give you a wonderful library with which to launch your career
Videotapes or CD-ROMs are available for purchase to enrich
the learning with actual scenes from the field
Help Always available by phone or email

If you require more information about the program, click here.