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Field Training

During the inspection training class, the student will perform five inspections. The first inspection is limited in scope. The remaining inspections will be increasingly more difficult then the previous one. The last inspection will be counted as part of the final grade.

Inspections are performed at various locations in the local market. Students will be able to practice techniques taught during the classroom presentations and will be required to write up Inspection Reports using recommended reporting software.

This is a great time for the student to try out their new tools including digital cameras, moisture meters, ladders, etc. The intent of these inspections is to allow the student to get an idea of the inspection flow and work out some of the finer details of performing inspections before starting their won business.

Emphasis is placed on learning the inspection techniques and developing an appropriate inspection report. Time is taken to make sure the student gains a realistic view of what a home inspection should consist of and what is required to deliver the home inspection service.

In addition to the actual home inspections, students will take “Neighborhood Walks” to supplement the classroom presentations. The neighborhood walks are performed at various times according to the instructor’s schedule. While delivering the classroom presentation on exteriors, an Instructor may ask the students to accompany him/her on a walk through the neighborhood to consider how the class discussion relates to the “as built” conditions of the neighborhood.

The neighborhood walks are particularly important for students who will be practicing in the same neighborhood that the class is being offered. But regardless of where the student chooses to operate, these walks will instantly reinforce the classroom discussion.