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Each of the ten Correspondence subjects is 42 hours long. You can work in the comfort of your home on your own time. You will have a maximum of 20 weeks to complete each subject. You may begin taking a subject by correspondence Study From Homeat the beginning of any month by registering by the 20th of the preceding month. Print and other materials are sent by courier to your home and you do not need a computer to participate. The training materials include all of the evaluation tools needed to ensure your success. The great texts give you a wonderful library with which to launch your career and CD's are included to enrich the learning with actual scenes from the field. Correspondence students have no contact with fellow students so you will need the self-discipline to arrange and keep to a study schedule. You will communicate with your instructor through mail, fax, and/or email.

Learn at your own speed
No travel or accommodation costs
Help always available by telephone
No need to take time off work
Self testing quizzes help you Videotapes or CD-ROMS are included
measure your success   to bring the learning to life
Results returned promptly


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