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Communication and Professional Practice Course Description

Communication and Professional PracticeThe professional home inspector is required, both verbally and in writing, to describe the inspection process and communicate inspection findings to the client. It is imperative that the home inspector be able to communicate clearly and effectively to ensure understanding of an inspection, once conducted. Students in this subject develop their oral and written communication skills, and learn the reporting requirements and proper conduct required of a professional in this industry.


Upon successful completion of this subject, the student will be able to:
Comply with the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of the profession in
order to meet or exceed minimum levels of performance and assure public confidence.
Disclose the limitations of the inspection process to ensure that the client has realistic expectations and a clear understanding of the limitations for the purpose of risk management.
Communicate effectively with the client orally and in writing to ensure understanding of the results of an inspection.
Report and communicate effectively to the appropriate parties, health and safety
concerns found during an inspection, as well as their degree of immediacy, in
order to protect persons and property.
Demonstrate an understanding of the need to comply with applicable laws and
  regulations, contracts, and business practices as they relate to the home
  inspection profession by maintaining current knowledge in order to provide
effective service.


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