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Home Inspection Certificate

The Advanced Inspection Training Certificate Program is designed to teach in a logical, progressive way. For each component and house system, the approach follows this simple 10 step learning process:

What is it? (Name and description)
What does it do? (Function)
What is it made of? (Materials/components)
What does it look like? (Appearance/location)
How does it work? (Operating sequence/details)
What can go wrong? (Non-performance)
What causes the problems? (Why did it break?)
What are the implications of problems? (What happens if
  it doesn't do its job?)
How do I find out if it is doing its job? (This is the home
  inspection expert part!)
What do I tell my client? (The report)

Whether you are taking all ten subjects to achieve your certificate or simply one or two subjects to build specific knowledge, you'll enjoy the comfort of knowing that you are learning from leaders in the profession.